Dog Jumping

Q. I don’t mind the dog jumping on me when I walk in the door, but my wife says if I let the dog jump on me then it is hard to teach her to not jump on anyone else. Do we have to be consistent either “no jump” or just let her jump on everyone? OR is it OK for me to allow it and then just tell her “no jump” for other people?
A. You do have to be consistent with teaching not to jump on people, because if the dog is allowed to jump on you it will not understand why it can’t jump on everyone. I would suggest you teach the dog to not jump “at all”, unless given the command to jump.

Jumping is the number one complaint I get from doggie moms and dads. I like to teach a dog to “sit” whenever the dog is greeting anyone. One you accomplish a reliable “sit, then, and only then, teach a separate “jump” command when you want the dog to jump on you. If it does not get the “jump” command, then jumping is not permitted.

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