Reduces Leash Pulling

Available in 7 sizes and 5 colors

The merrywalker dog harness

The MerryWalker™ Dog Harness with front/chest leash attachment, guides and steers your dog from the front of the chest.

The harness design minimizes "opposition reflex", which dramatically reduces your dog from pulling, while keeping pressure off the dog's trachea/esophagus.

The MerryWalker™ Dog Harness is designed with a permanently attached Martingale loop neck collar which keeps the harness higher up, off of the dog's front legs. This allows for full range of motion without restriction.


The merrywalker features


Martingale Collar

- Collar incorporated into harness
- Provides more control
- Prevents collar from slipping over head Properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose when not in use

Front/Chest Leash Attachment

- Guides and steers the dog
- Reduces opposition leash pulling
- Keeps pressure off the dogs trachea and esophagus

Back Strap

- Coordinated to match the martingale collar
- Adjustable sizing

Belly Strap

- Quick release snap/buckle for easy on and off
- Adjustable sizing
- Complimentary coloring to distinguish the belly strap


Our Story

The MerryWalker™ Dog Harness was designed by Tina McCain, Certified Master Dog Trainer/Behaviorist .


Tina has been training professionally since 1993 and during the course of her professional training career, many types of collars, and/or harnesses have come onto the market. She never found a harness that worked effectively, so she created The MerryWalker™ Dog Harness.


The MerryWalker™ Dog Harness combines design with function to address enthusiastic pulling on the leash, whether you are training or just out for a casual walk with your dog.


"For my large and highly energetic dog the MerryWalker is the perfect solution to keep me in control of our daily walks. Plus, there is the added benefit of knowing that any pulling he may do will not choke him. The MerryWalker is a much better alternative to standard collars."

- Rachel

 "I love The MerryWalker harness I bought for my Australian Shepherd Annie! I tried several different brands of head collars and feel this front clipping harness is a much safer way of controlling Annie's pulling. It's easy to put on, and fits perfectly without putting pressure on her trachea, so there's no more choking! I love the pretty green color with the reflective strip. The MerryWalker is made with durable materials and well worth the money. Thanks for a wonderful product!" 
     - Ellen and Annie

When I started walking them, I only took one at a time because I couldn't manage them both together, but after I got the MerryWalker, they both walk great together and I'm not worried about being pulled down, because I have control over them.


     "I have two rescue Mutts, Riedi & Margi. I enjoy taking them on long walks.

Our walks are much easier, especially when we see other dogs walking.  Margi doesn't like passing other dogs while walking, but with the MerryWalker she doesn't pay them any attention. She is focused on her walk.

I really like the fact that there isn't anything around their mouth or nose while walking because it can get really hot and humid and I want them to be able to pant to cool down.

We don't go on walks without the MerryWalker! " 
     - Tricia

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