Too Late to Train a Dog

Q. Is it ever too late to put my dog in a training class?
A. Simply – No! It is never too late to do training!

Obviously young puppies greatly benefit from training. It provides rules, boundaries and discipline whereby a puppy can grow up into a confident, well adjusted dog. Training teaches dogs how to be dogs in a human world.

Sometimes a training class teaches the humans stewards more than the dog! Training teaches how to consistently communicate with your dog. Training teaches people leadership. I find that too many people do not take the role of leader in the house as seriously as they should, and then the dog flounders. Dogs look for and need leaders of the pack. If they cannot find good leadership, the dog will take over the house and then you can run into behavioral problems. As humans we should be their leader first and a friend second.

I ran a rescue group for eight years and I always have recommended that a re-homed dog, regardless of age, should go through a basic training class. Whether or not the dog had training in their previous life, having the new family go through training with the new dog will help enhance good leadership relationships in the new home. It will also reinforce those consistent communication skills and provide structure in the new environment.

A group training class will also provide a safe place for your dog to socialize; and,the other dogs and people in the class will be good distractions for training.

We all like spending time with our dogs. That is usually one reason we have one or more. Training should be fun and is a great family project!

So go have some fun. It is a very worth while investment!

Tina McCain, MDTB/CNWI is the owner MerryMac Dog Training in Woodstock, Georgia. Tina has been successfully training dogs for over 40 years in and around Atlanta including Cobb, Fulton and Cherokee county puppies and dogs. Tina is a Certified Master Dog Educator/Trainer, an NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI), an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. MerryMac Dog Training is located at 2485 Towne Lake Parkway | Suite 108 | Woodstock, Georgia 30189. Phone: 770-579-3865.