Reasons a Harness Can Help Your Dog be a Good Dog

Smiling Black Labrador Harness Can Help Your Dog

Properly training your dog not to pull, jump or nip can be hard, especially if you’re using equipment that isn’t ideal.  Let’s review some of the ways a dog harness can help you and how the MerryWalker Dog Harness was designed with these issues in mind. Walk the Dog When you are using a neck…

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Collar vs Harness – Which is Better for My Dog?

Is a Dog Harness Better Than a Collar

Twenty-five years ago, when I started my professional training career, the only choices for collars were either a choke collar, prong/pinch type collar or nylon/cotton/leather collar. The old-style choke or prong collars used the “pop-n-jerk” method of training, which operated on a negative leash/collar correction when the dog did not respond appropriately. A flat collar…

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