Collar vs Harness – Which is Better for My Dog?

Is a Dog Harness Better Than a Collar

Twenty-five years ago, when I started my professional training career, the only choices for collars were either a choke collar, prong/pinch type collar or nylon/cotton/leather collar. The old-style choke or prong collars used the “pop-n-jerk” method of training, which operated on a negative leash/collar correction when the dog did not respond appropriately. A flat collar…

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When should you leash train your puppy?

Cute german shepherd puppy being leash trained

When should you leash train your puppy? One of the most common questions I get when a family adopts a new dog or puppy into their home is: When should I leash train my puppy? Shouldn’t I wait a little while and let them get comfortable in their new home? I recommend getting your puppy…

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