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Customer Testimonials

Ms. Tina...You are the BEST

Ms. Tina...You are the BEST. I always recommend you to anyone I know with a dog. Best of all...you trained ME in how to deal with our dog (a stubborn Siberian Husky we inherited from our son)... Thanks for all your help with ME and Sara, now 11 years old and doing well.....

- 08/28/2016 From Rob D.


Thought I'd share this quick little story with you.

Yesterday I was working in the front yard and I thought Ginger was in the house. My wife had let Ginger out into the back yard. I opened the gate and Ginger bolted, running down the front yard toward the street. There is a curve and I could hear some kind of vehicle coming up the street, although I couldn't see it..

My first inclination was panic and I yelled stop. Of course that's not a command she knows and it didn't even slow her down. I then yelled GINGER at the top of my lungs. She stopped and looked at me. I quickly yelled DOWN and gave the hand signal. To my amazement she went down. I always keep treats in my pocket so I took one out, showed it to her and yelled the Call to Come. She came. I sat her, gave her the treat and then picked her up and put her back in the back yard.

I am quite confident that had she not stopped she would have been struck by the vehicle. So my first chance to use the Emergency Down in a live environment worked as did the Call to Come.

- 02/26/2014 From Jerry P.

Happy New Year!!!

We have all been so very pleased with the training Roxy (and the 3 of us) received this past fall. She was very aggressive when we first got her and bitter apple spray became our best tool for stopping poor behavior. While protective of us and our home she slowly began to trust more when we had visitors. There had been times that she needed to be on the clothesline leash, but they became fewer and fewer.

Last night we hosted about 17 people - 7 teens 10 adults. We had her off the leash and she not only greeted each person but allowed them to pet her. Even with all of us blowing horns at midnight she did not do anything to cause anyone concern. Two of the women in the group Roxy had snarled and lunged at the first week we had her and they said she was not the same dog.

After Christmas we sent our daughter home with a small bottle of bitter apple for her to use with her American Bulldog after showing her how to use it. We couldn't tell her enough how important it is to be consistent with her dog Shelby. Shelby learned at our home over Christmas that 4 on the floor is the way to behave. Thank you, Tina, for the wonderful training and advice. I am SO PROUD of Roxy!!!

- 01/07/2010 From D.R.

Thank you ....

I just wanted to thank you all for EVERYTHING you have helped us with. Dusty’s behavior has dramatically improved with the help of persistent training and dietary changes. 2 months ago, our vet suggested either amitryptiline or Merry Mac because of Dusty’s fetish with rocks, grass… anything on the outside ground. Though we struggle outside daily with some things… mulch and animal waste of any kind, we have made GREAT progress in “leaving it” and “dropping” it with most things such as grass, rocks, sticks, etc… though he’ll sneak a few every now and then J I am positive that continuous support and training will nip this. I contribute Dusty’s leaving it and dropping it to his new found self-control.

Tina, you totally helped me to see that Dusty has his own personality, and I can’t continue to compare him to our previous dog. Which, yes, I have to put a shout out to our Corgi, Toby and his memorial page; visit if you’d like. http://myboytoby.wordpress.com/

I wondered if we would ever have a special bond, as Dusty was so non-peoplish (new word) when we first got him, and he didn’t respond well to the typical training methods. I couldn’t even touch his hind end to coax him into a sit, much less, place my hand on his back to help him with a down. Yes, we have that bond and I expect it to grow each day! I can now handle him in a more confident way without him getting upset. Your mentoring and patience, even after training hours, is greatly appreciated!

Paula and Max, thank you for putting up with our constant questions that had to do with types of food. J You’ll probably have many more. After numerous samples, Dusty, for the most part, has regular formed stools. YEAH! With all the different prescription diets that he has been on, it is great to know that there are people out there that care about FINDING the right food for the right pet.

Tina, I would like to sign up for the distraction class. Do you have a wheels and mulch specific class? HA!!

Anyway, thanks again, and we’ll see you Monday night!

- 06/16/2009 From Cheryl E.

Best Trainer in the area ....
(CitySearch Review)

11/23/2008 I am so glad that we found Merrymac. My dog. Dillon was a rescue dog from the animal shelter and was terrified of people and other dogs. He would bark unceasingly , jump up on me amd generally not pay any attention to what we said. The first night of beginner obedience I was almost in tears and told Tina I hoped that she could train Dillon because i didn't know what to do. After the first lesson he was a different dog. It takes a lot of "homework" outlined by Tina for the owners to achieve the obedience sought to make a well behaved dog. Dillon has just completed his Advanced Beginner class and even though we have some things we have to work on he can now go out in public and not bark at everyone and everything. He has learned to sit and stay and stay in a down position until released. He follows the command to wait and not pull ahead and is generally proud of himself and what he has learned . Tina gives personal attenton to all the dogs and helps the owners to resolve any issues by demonstrating techniques to change unwanted behavior. This trraining facility deserves 5 stars and I would highly recommend it for all dogs. - 11/23/2008 Posted by frooks725

09/21/2009 We had people from Direct TV come to the house today and Dillon barked at them when they came in. I had him on the leash and after a little while he was O.K. with them. My husband said put him in the crate but I told him Dillon has to get used to people. One of the guys he was o.k. with but the other one was big and tall and I think he felt threatened by him but I used the bitter apple and he calmed down. He squatted down and gave Dillon a treat and he praised him and he was o.k. with him too. I am really proud of
him and how far he has gone. Dillon did "finish" for me while they were here and they told him what a good dog he is. I think with a lot of work he will "get there". Thanks for all your help and support in training him. Dillon is such a sweet dog. Your love for dogs is amazing. - by frooks725

MerryMac is the Best at Dog Training
(CitySearch Review)

We love MerryMac Dog Training! Tina's skills as a dog trainer/behaviorist are unmatched. She taught us how to motivate our dogs with praise & positive reinforcement. Our pets are the envy of all our friends. They all know how to display the best manners. We took her tricks class, too. Our little stars love to show off what they have learned. Tina's knowledge of canine nutrition is expansive as well. Our dogs are well rounded: mind, body & soul, thanks to MerryMac. - 02/27/2008 Posted by SchatziSandy

Glad I found you
(CitySearch Review)

You tought me and my dog more in the first lesson than I received from my entire session at a previous training facility. Tina has a wonderful repore with the dogs and she is very clear with her instructions and lessons. MerryMac's indoor dog park is perfect for my dogs socialization needs. - 02/07/2006 Posted by catercain

Very nice store!
(InSiderPages Review)

I have not used them for training, but they are very nice and knowledgeable here. You can really tell they love dogs and love working with them. They have a decent selection of all natural dog food - Solid Gold, Evangers - The staff was super nice when I came in. They gave me great advice and lots of samples for my dogs to try out. - 06/16/2007 Posted by Bonnie S.

I absolutely love this place!!!!
(Yelp Review)

I absolutely love this place!!!! Tina McCain is the owner / dog whisperer and I love her to death!!!!! This is where I took my dog Charlee when he was old enough to go to school. Tina gave me a free puppy consultation and with all the stuff I knew I could learn from her, how was I NOT going to take her training course?!?!?!?

Charlee was the youngest of his class but turned out to be the best student of his class. Tina not only shows you how to train your dog, she also trains the owner of the dog as well. She has been training people and their dogs for over 30 years. She is the president of the Atlanta Westie club and has won numerous dog shows with her Westies.

FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!!! A good food source is key to a happy and healthy pet. Tina has been a big supporter of some of the best food brands on the market to date. Probably her biggest and best food to use are the Solid Gold products. In addition to her training classes Tina offers her customers the Paws-ativly play weekends sessions. This is where you bring your dog on Saturday mornings to play with other "well behaved" dogs in a "PAWSATIVE" manner. Only good dogs play here!

30 + years of dog training coupled with an over whelming passion and love for all dogs Tina McCain and MerryMac is amazing!!!! She's great with difficult dogs and even better with difficult people. I have sent a number of friends to Tina for dog training and advice and I believe every word she tells me. She will not steer you wrong just to make a sell. - o9/24/2007 Posted by Eric S.

Excellent Trainer
(Kudzu Review)

I met Tina this past summer when I brought my black lab pup to her for an assessment. We were accepted in the Advanced Beginners class and we both learned so much. Tina has the class meeting in the park, at a shopping center and we work with "real life" distractions and obstacles. Tina is very professional and coaches everyone in the class with their dogs. I highly recommend her and will be taking another class soon.- 11/20/2007 Posted by DesiBear

The Best Trainer
(Kudzu Review)

Tina was referred by my Vet and I was impressed since she has a designation as a Certified Master. I had a large breed Newfoundland Mix that suffered from fear. He was afraid to go on walks, and just about everything. He was unhappy unless he was close to me. Tina provided private lessons, and turned his life around into a happy dog free from fear, and was able to enjoy life. When I got a Newfoundland puppy three years ago, I went to her beginners class, advanced beginner,and her Canine Good Citizen class, which resulted in my Newf becoming a therapy dog with the HappyTails organization. Tina is the best.
- 7/30/2006 Posted by xrunner

We love Merrymac!
(Kudzu Review)

When we got our Golden Retriever pup, Bailey, two years ago, we researched several trainers and were eventually referred to Merrymac by our dog walker. Two years later, Bailey has graduated from four classes and is a CGC. He challenged us along the way (as puppies often will) but Tina gave us the consistent training and guidance to help him grow into a loving, obedient and trustworthy member of our family. In two years I have never seen a dog treated inhumanely at Merrymac, and harsh training techniques and devices such as choke collars are simply not permitted. Anyone can see that the dogs adore and respect Tina. Tina's classes are especially educational because unlike "boot camps" where owners send their dog away for weeks at a time to be trained, Tina challenges owners to become active participants in their dogs' training. She educates owners with the ultimate goal of earning the dog's respect (absolutely key to effective training). Bailey and I continue to attend the weekly organized play/socialization group at Merrymac and will continue to take classes for his (and my) ongoing education! - 7/24/2006 Posted by jenhulak

WOW! Professional, Innovative, Effective Training!
(Kudzu Review)

My dog was 9 months old when I took him to MerryMac Dog Training. To understand how WONDERFUL MerryMac Dog Training services are you must know my dog's history. We started training at 10 wks old and had gone through 3 different training facilities. All of their training methods were different. My dog was aggressive and headstrong. All 3 told me to give up on him. Thanks to Tina at MERRYMAC, my dog is not aggressive, very obedient, and passed the CGC test. We have taken 5 classes from MerryMac Dog Training and will continue to take as many classes as she will offer. All of Tina's students and their dogs adore and respect her greatly. MerryMac Dog Training is Top Notch and deserves 10 Stars.
- 7/13/2006 Posted by haynes

Great Choice for Training!
(Kudzu Review)

One of my westies was very submissive and afraid of almost everything. After attending classes and using the methods taught at Merrymac, he is a far more confident dog. He will walk on a leash, come when called and has far better manners than he had before. He is a joy to live with and he enjoys life more, too. I chose MerryMac because of the humane and up to date methods used at this facility. I recommend them to everyone. - 6/14/2006 Posted by planetwestie

We love MerryMac DogTraining!
(Kudzu Review)

Tina McCain is the finest trainer anywhere. We were unable to train our dog without her incredible knowledge and skills. We learned what motivates our dog; praise, applause, and enthusiasm. Her humane approach and fun atmosphere taught us how to communicate clearly with our dog. After completing 3 classes we have a well behaved dog that is the envy of all our friends. I have recommended MerryMac countless times and proudly display our diplomas for everyone to see.
- 6/14/2006 Posted by rockahulapaula

The Best in Town!
(Kudzu Review)

I have utilized this trainer for several of my pets and have recommended her many times to others who have also utilized her. Not only is the pet learning what is acceptable behavior in the most humane manner, the owner is learning how to manage that behavior. Maybe the person who did the initial review has issues she needs to address herself.
- 6/14/2006 Posted by LabsAreFun


Voted "Best Pet Trainer" in Atlanta Magazine - June 2007

Offering a wide range of instruction, from obedience to tricks and games, behavior modification to agility, all classes are taught by Tina McCain, who has over 30 years experience as a trainer. Classes focus on understanding pet behavior and motivation, not just issuing commands. - 6//2007 Atlanta Magazine

Atlanta Hotlist Winner - Dog Training 2008

Tina McCain, owner of MerryMac Dog Training has been training dogs for over 30 years! She takes the personal approach to training your dog by being the one & only instructor. Whether you register for a group class or for private lessons, Tina feels that "Professional Education for Your Pet and Your Family" is necessary to ensure that you and your pet live together happily and obediently. From Elementary School (i.e. the Beginner's program) all the way up through College (i.e. Off-Leash Training) or to any level in-between, MerryMac Dog Training can educate your dog to be a good canine citizen with manners and social skills.. - 2008 CityVoter.com

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